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We are geared toward providing Innovative HR ideas to transform your Organization.

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We deliver the best HR Service you need by working collaboratively with your Organization.


Excellence is our hallmark so we are committed to providing excellent HR results.

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It is always about involving you at every stage of the HR Process and meeting your perculiar needs.

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Supercharge Your Organization’s Human Resource And Achieve Your Desired Results

The profession of human resources is one of the most complicated in the business world. Businesses are comprised of people, the management, recruitment, dismissal, payment, and dispute management all of which falls on the shoulders of the HR professionals.

Our Company Values

The Excel Vision

To be the hub of expertise and efficiency in the human resource service industry in Africa.

What we Plan to Achieve

The Excel Mission

To be the leading strategic business partner for all organizations by providing first class human resource solutions to support the achievement of corporate goals.

Joseph AmpaduC.E.O Osafak Limited

“As a growing business, we were looking for an HR company to handle all our Human Resource needs. We called on Excel HR Consult and we experienced total HR transformation. Not only did they offer excellent HR services but they aligned it to meet our corporate strategy. Our staff now have regular trainings to enhance their skills. Our performance management system has been streamlined, our compensation management system has been perfected and our employees are better equipped to deliver on their jobs.”

William BoadiLoan Officer (ANT Microcredit Services)

“I applied for a role advertised by Excel HR Consult. I was highly impressed by the level of excellence and professionalism exhibited during the interview and selection process. Today, I am gainfully employed and Excel HR continues to support my career growth and development.”

Daniel OkrahCEO (ANT Microcredit Services)

“Excel HR impressed us with their exceptional recruiting processes. They met with us to understand our business, in order to provide us not only with qualified candidates but candidates who fit our organizational culture and value system. They drafted our HR policy document and always ensure accurate compensation of our staff whenever the need arises. Their relationship with our staff is an admirable one which encourages our employees to give off their best.We highly admire their effectiveness, excellence and the HR expertise they bring to our company. Excel HR is definitely excellent in what they do.”

Hannah SackeyHuman Resource/ Administrative Assistant (B systems)

“My utmost gratitude to Excel HR consult for the successful placement of my new job.I am deeply impressed with the extended support accorded throughout the placement process. A truly dedicated , professional and committed team with excellent service. Keep up the great work!”

Kenneth OclooGraphic Designer(Enivision Hub Limited)

“Excel HR greatly exceeded my expectations.They not only placed me successfully in my new job ,but also equipped me with the required soft skills for superior performance .Excel HR is still committed to my career progress and development .Keep it up. Such a great team!!”

David Teye ZanyohMarketing Officer (Envision Hub Limited)

“Human Resource recruitment in this country is hardly done right professionally, as far as i have experienced .But my encounter with Excel HR has greatly challenged this notion.The promptness ,speed and above all professionalism with which they handled me is not only admirable but commendable . Therefore , my ratings for them very high hence my recommendation .Thank you.”

Aikins E. NyarkoDriver (Akaditi)

“After being unemployed for a long time, I contacted Excel HR for assistance. I requested for a job as a driver and they groomed me for an interview.
I attended an interview the next day and it was so successful. Today, I am working as a Personal Driver to a CEO. Thanks so much Excel HR for giving me this opportunity”

Yusif KatulieFull Stack Developer(Built Accounting Services)

“My experience with Excel HR Consult has been amazing.
The team of dedicated HR Professionals understood my skill set and gave me the opportunity to get my dream job.
My greatest HR experience if I’m asked anywhere.”

Richard Obeng OpuniSoftware Developer(Nanti Systems)

“It's been so great coming in contact with Excel HR consult. They have a dedicated team that's keen in finding the best qualities a company seeks in its employees. It was a very smooth transition, from the interviews to getting the job offer, throughout this period they exhibited a great deal of professionalism. After landing me the job, we did not break ties, they call from time to time to find out how i’m faring on the job. It's definitely thumbs up.”

Frederick Krampah ForsonElectrical Technician (Telebuoy)

“I used to doubt the services provided by agencies. I felt they took monies from prospective job seekers in a bid to make themselves rich. I heard a lot of stories from friends who paid exorbitant amounts to agencies to get jobs and in the long run never got their desired jobs. So, when I came in touch with Excel HR Consult, I was laid back until I noticed that they don’t just talk a good game but they make things really happen. It was actually quick and easy getting my dream job...
Thank You”

Emmanuel Okrah AddyAccounts Officer(ACE Microcredit)

“As a graduate searching for a job and having gone through the hands of many employment agencies in the country, paying fees and writing series of tests without any positive feedback and neither gaining any employment, my experience with Excel HR has just been the best and stress free. The level of professionalism, excellence and speed exhibited throughout the recruitment process and job placement was just above my expectations. Today I’m successfully employed and I am deeply grateful to Excel HR consult.”

Emma Serwaa Ofori AdjeiOperations Assistant(Built Accounting Services)

“I am now gainfully employed. This came about when I applied for a role advertised by Excel HR Consult. I was overwhelmed by the level of excellence, competency, distinct accordance and professionalism exhibited by the team during the interview session and I commend them for a good job done.
Excel HR Consult did everything right as far as Recruitment and Selection process is concerned but did not charge for the service rendered as it trends now. Wooow!! That was clearly my expression. I was very surprised yet, they delivered their all to bring my current status to a reality
Its been great coming in contact with such a dedicated team of professionals and am deeply grateful.”

Edward KusiMarketing Lead(Built Accounting Services)

“Often times when you attend interviews in Ghana it’s difficult to know whether you qualified for the next stage or not because most recruiters hardly get back to jobseekers. The recruitment process at Excel HR was however transparent and not like a few other I knew; I was communicated to at every stage of the process till I got the job. Again I enjoyed the genuineness and the friendly atmosphere created by the team during the interview. I encourage all organizations and job seekers to get in touch with Excel HR Solutions for quality HR solutions and recruitment services.”

Eunice Annan-AcquahAdmistrative Officer(Nanti Systems)

“My experience with Excel HR Consult has been amazing. The staff are professional, knowledgeable and welcoming. In my opinion, Excel HR Consult is one of the best HR Consultancy firm in the country at the moment.
My first contact with them was in September 2019,I was amazed at the level of warmth and professionalism exhibited towards me.
Excel HR does not only advertise job opportunities, they also train you in being the best fit for the role. I am currently gainfully employed and I am so glad I went through my recruitment process with an outstanding organization as Excel HR Consult.”

Apolonia MensahAssistant Retail Sales Supervisor(IT & Electric GH)

“My faith in recruitment agency restored without paying a DIME.
My experience and process with Excel HR Consult was exceptional. Headed by a passionate and caring individual. Stapled with professionalism and excellence. The agency makes sure employees are comfortable and are in the right fit with flexible conditions especially being a mother of 3! Very engaging, effective and reliable. And oh Yes! All for zero cedi! Excel HR Consult is the number one 'go-to' agency. Value for no money assured in all honesty! Thank you!”

Kelvin Foli GogohRetail Sales Personnel (IT & Electric GH )

“I'm very glad I came across Excel HR consult, due to their splendid services I was able to get a job and I want to express my gratitude and satisfaction with their HR services.
I will certainly recommend them to anyone job hunting.”

Josephine FamiyehInformation Audit Associate(Innovare)

“I’m super excited I applied for a job advertised by Excel HR Consult. The result was a life changing experience. They exhibited professionalism and excellence in their interviews and job placement processes. I recommend Excel HR Consult to any job seeker; you can trust them to give you the best nothing less.
Thank You Excel HR Consult”

Joshua Tsatror-MordySchool Principal(Crown Prince Academy)

“Searching for a new job or trying to switch to another job opportunity while not having a clear idea of how that is going to happen can be very disturbing.
This confusing situation could become more traumatizing when you would have to search for an opening through unprofessional and fake recruitment agencies who often end up preying on the frustration of job seekers by taking various sums of money from them but end up producing no result.
I really lost interest in searching for job openings using recruitment agencies and do not waste my time on reading any publications from such firms until I was sent a flyer from Excel HR consult by a friend on one faithful Friday evening. As usual, I ignored the advert and greeted it with the same doubt as I often do to all others. But somehow, on Saturday, I felt the desire to just send my CV to the email that was published on the advert. On Monday I got a call from Excel HR inviting me for an interview. That call changed my life and my story! After a thorough recruitment process, I was offered the job within a week! I couldn't believe it!
This new job is exactly the kind of job I always love to do. The offer is life-changing. It came with a good salary, health cover for my myself, my wife and two of my children plus an educational scholarship for one of my children.
I want to boldly recommend Excel HR to everyone. If you a blessed with an opportunity of coming across their job advertisements, treat that as a gold vault . Your story could just be encountering a turnaround!
They are very professional, accommodating and transparent with their recruitment process. The amazing thing is that the whole process is free of charge! I paid nothing to anyone before securing this amazing job offer.
If you want to try a recruitment agency in your search for a dream job, I encourage you to visit the office of Excel HR and your testimony might just be the next one in waiting!”

Emmanuel Osafo AddoAdministrative Intern(Innovare)

“I desired to be engaged in an organization where I could be trained and gain more practical experience in my field of study. I applied for an intern role and within 24 hours; and at no cost I was successfully placed as an Administrative Intern. I really appreciate this opportunity; and I say a very big thank you Excel HR Consult.”

Barbara OseiInformation Security Intern(Innovare)

“I applied to a job advertised by Excel HR Consult on a Junior IT Consultant role and was shortly contacted. I got a call to prepare for the interview at Excel HR Premises. The interview was a huge success. I was offered the job the day of the interview. I was amazed there was no conversation on payment. Excel HR has genuine interest in job seekers and I would highly recommend jobseekers to apply for jobs advertised by Excel HR Consult.”

Ellworth AcquayeSoftware Developer(Nanti Systems)

“I was very impressed by the speed at which i was able to get my new job through Excel HR Consult. I had been searching for a new job for years and Excel HR Consult just made the whole process effortless. I saw a job posting on their Linked in page and applied. I was scheduled for an interview on a Friday, the following Monday i was called to start work immediately, this was my first experience with an HR consulting firm and they surely didn’t disappoint.
Thank You Excel HR Consult.”

Eshun MichealAngular Software Developer(Nanti Systems)

“A very big thank you to Excel HR consult. I am super grateful for their support. Especially at this time of the year when most companies are laying off employees as a result of the global pandemic, Excel HR found me a job in the very job field that I desired to work in. It is beyond all doubt that Excel HR is just exceptional at it services. From the recruitment process and after landing the job has totally been amazing experience. I am currently employed as a frontend Developer and I’m loving it already. God bless Excel HR Consult”

Kwei-Nsoro Amaa RussellBusiness Development Manager, Training (Innovare)

“Through a good friend of mine I heard about an advertised role with Excel HR Consult. I was initially hesitant because of my past unpleasant experience with a HR company, However my friend encouraged me to give it a try irrespective of my past experience.
Finally by the Grace of God I went through their selection procedures successfully and in no time I was employed.
Another beautiful experience with Excel HR unlike most HR companies is their free services they provide from registration stage to the final stage of employment.
I strongly recommend Excel HR Consult to all Job hunters and CEO’s of various companies for a tailored solution from Excel HR Consult”

Believe AkouviPeniel Engineering and Supply Limited (French Translator)

“I am pleased to testify on how Excel HR Consult found me a great job at Peniel Engineering and Supply Limited. The interview process was very smooth and professional and I really enjoyed the positive experience and atmosphere. The recruiting agent was very friendly and progressively controlled the conversation in a quick and efficient way which also transpired through my onboarding process into the company. Big thanks to Excel HR Consult for helping me land such a wonderful job!”

Awuah RuthFashion Sales Executive (Fiifi Clothing)

“Excel HR Consult made me get a job at Yakis Clothing, as a fashion sales executive with no stress and fees.
Excel HR really helped me throughout the interview sections. Even with my Employeer, Excel HR coach me on how to land the job, Excel HR took me through practical sections that will help me answer all the questions that I might be required to answer.
Excel HR helped me get my dream job at Yakis Clothing. And am very grateful to Team Excel HR.”

Edward OseiAccounts Officer (Cedar Grove Trading limited)

“I wish to express my gratitude for my recruitment with cedar grove trading limited through your firm to work as accounts officer.
The recruitment process which included interviews, training and coaching helped me examine my skills, strengths, weaknesses etc. The whole process even though short was helpful to all candidates. In addition, I was very happy that the recruitment process was free from biased and this was demonstrated in the different activities undertaken. More importantly I like the way Excel HR was professional in the recruitment process.
I have walked away from Excel HR having a job and feeling and knowing that I can make a difference at work. I have met an innovative and dynamic team that I will learn a lot from. I also hope to contribute massively to the team using the training I received under your tutelage during my job search. I will keep you updated about my progress in the company.
Lastly, I want to thank you for the tremendous support and time provided during the recruitment process.it was a short time and worth it as I am now employed. Thank you for your service and I look forward to working with you again
I appreciate you taking your time to train and give me a reference

Lily Abigail AdomaaExecutive Assistant(Innovare Limited)

“Excel HR provides valuable expertise in all the various aspects of human resources such as hiring and recruitment, policy development, and benefits administration.
I have had a positive experience in working with Excel HR. Right from the interview process to the orientation after I was hired, their professionalism was refreshing.
They clearly excel in sourcing and talent hunting as their name implies. They are flexible and sensitive to the schedules and distance constraints of their interviewees and therefore were willing to have part of the discussions virtually.
They also value their relationship with their clients, and that is reflected in the professionalism of their interactions and the eagerness and promptness of service. Thank you for making my job hunt a very painless experience.”

Michael Ohene-AppiahAccountant (Innovare)

“Research has proven that human nature and its related behaviors are the most difficult to grasp and deal with. This implies that there is a colossal duty on any Human Resource personnel as their work revolves around the never ending changing human behavior.
Excel HR consult has the expertise in this field, entailing the healthy human relationships they create between themselves and their clientele, their zeal and passion for what they do, the ceaseless smiles their personnel wear which would brighten your battered or tensed day anytime you have an encounter with them and their ability to handle human behavior with feasibility even though it isn't simple.
Excel HR consult has proven itself to be the premier go-to firm for human resource services and choosing them will contribute immensely to your career growth and your organization at large which will is a win-win situation for both parties.”

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