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Excel HR Outsourcing Services

We understand that businesses are mostly concerned about profitability. Heads of business are busy with daily routines on how to increase the bottom line. In view of this, business owners or managers may not have the luxury of time to handle human resource issues. Excel HR Consult delights in taking the human resource functions off the chest of business owners and handling it in line with corporate mission, vision and strategy to achieve organizational goals. We understand that employees are an invaluable resource and as such issues concerning them have to be dealt with legally, tactfully, timely and excellently.

Excel HR Consult understands the impact employees have on the business and we are committed to managing them so they have a delightful employee experience and translate this experience to the job.

Excel Recruitment and Selection

We address the problem of finding the right person for the job. The decision to appoint an individual for a role is one of the most crucial decisions an organization will ever make. The caliber of employees serves as a competitive advantage for any organization. Most importantly the quality of an organization’s human resource makes the difference between organizational success and failure. Excel HR Consult identifies an organization’s human resource needs and matches it with business objectives and strategies.

Our strategic human resource planning process enables us to make the best decisions on; the type of person for the job, where to find the person, how to attract potential job candidates and how to identify the most competent candidate. One critical aspect of our human resource planning is to identify the most competent person who fits into the culture of the organization.

Excel Training and Development

We believe that for employees to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently, they must have the relevant skills, values, attitudes and knowledge. Job requirements may change from time to time as a result of changes in the external environment. Excel HR Consult delights in bridging the gap between actual competencies and expected competencies required for the optimum performance of a job.

We conduct learning needs assessment before training is conducted to ensure that training programmes addresses real on the job issues and the organization gains maximum returns on investment from training programmes. We understand that employees whom we seek to deliver training and development programmes to, are adults and as such we are guided by adult learning principles and techniques in our training delivery. We take advantage of behavioral learning objectives and the experiential learning cycle to ensure participatory learning and maximum impact on the job. We are concerned about learning transfer and so we work with clients to remove or eliminate barriers to learning transfer to ensure training effectiveness.

Excel Performance Management

In relation to staff development, Excel HR Consult helps organizations achieve their objectives by implementing performance management systems based on targets and competencies. This performance management system motivates employees to put forth maximum effort and becomes a basis for fairness and objectivity on the administration of rewards. We acknowledge that for employee potential to be utilized for the benefit of the organization, performance management systems have to be established to provide objective appraisal of employee performance and strategies to improve upon performance. Excel HR Consult is concerned about the problems posed by the traditional appraisal system. We therefore help organizations to achieve their objectives by implementing quarterly performance management systems based on targets and competencies.

Excel Job Seeker Solutions

With our extensive clientele base, we offer a common ground for job seekers and employers to meet. Job seekers have the opportunity to register on our website and we provide tailor made solutions for them depending on their age, educational qualification and level of job experience. Excel HR Consult provides training on CV preparation, interview grooming and career guidance to job seekers to enable them attract and take advantage of job opportunities.

Excel HR Consult understands that the labour market has variety of opportunities for individuals at different educational and career levels. We intend to organize trainings to prepare job applicants for job opportunities, organize monthly online labour campaigns using info graphics, create opportunities for employment, open up other employment avenues for job applicants, organize trainings on ethics and values and monthly trainings on CV writing, Cover Letter writing and Interview skills.